Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What I’m Watching: Wednesdays

Continuing my series on my favorite current TV shows, what sucks up my time on Wednesdays? Let’s explore.


I’ve been following Lost since before it was a phenomenon. The show broke new ground in TV storytelling and has continued to surprise. These are some gutsy writers. Since it first aired, they’ve killed off at least four major characters and a handful of minor ones. Something you don’t usually expect of standard prime time TV fare. It’s on a short hiatus right now with new episodes to return next year. They dropped a couple “other shoes” this season and it’s been pretty good. The cliffhanger before the hiatus was awesome and I have a new respect for the acting chops of Matthew Fox. The slow pace of the show may be a turn off to some but, of course, I’ll watch it until it’s off the air. Day Break is currently airing in its slot. Didn’t look much like a worthy successor, so I passed. Not doing too well either, from what I hear so it was probably a good call. Check out Lost with me (and Lori, she likes this one) when it returns (Feb. 7) an hour later than it has been airing on ABC (check local listings for exact time).


Of the new Lost wannabes, Jericho has been the most successful (unless you count Heroes, which does borrow from Lost’s slow storytelling style but otherwise is unlike Lost in most respects). Instead of being stranded on an island a la Lost, the inhabitants of a small rural town (Jericho) are stranded in their town following the sighting of a distant mushroom cloud followed by losing contact with the rest of the outside world. Everyone has to fend for themselves or pick sides as politics, family feuds and more than a few secret agendas come into play. Like Lost, they had the guts to kill off a pretty major character and, also like Lost, it’s taking some time off until early next year. This is another one that Lori likes too so check it out on CBS when it returns February 14 with a recap show. The next new episode is on February 21 (check local listings for exact time).

I watch more shows that air on Thursdays than any other night. Three of them! We’ll find out about them tomorrow. Oh, and feel free to share your own thoughts about these shows or even chime with your own favorites as we go.

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