Friday, December 15, 2006

What I’m Watching: Fridays

I rarely watch my Friday night show on the night it airs. And because it’s Lori’s least favorite show out of all of the ones I watch, I sometimes go weeks without watching it and wind up squeezing it in late at night or while she’s running errands. But I couldn’t call myself a true SF geek if I didn’t watch every episode of…

Battlestar Galactica

Hailed by many as the greatest drama currently airing on television, the gritty modern update of this beloved classic sci-fi series may even be more revered than its predecessor. Taking the basic premise of the original 70’s series (twelve human-occupied planets are destroyed by Cylons who then relentlessly pursue the remenants of the human race as they search for Earth) and turning it on its ear, Battlestar Galactica manages to surprise with every episode. And it’s not just the gimmicky twist-at-the-end kind of surprise either. Even though the universe of this show is realized expertly, Battlestar Galactica is all about characters and how their relationships intertwine and change. And this show does change. Watch any random episode from season one and then watch another from season three. The differences will blow your mind. So many things will have happened that you’ll have no idea what’s going on. The relationships between the characters shift. Agendas change. Perhaps for these reasons, SciFi often runs full-day marathons of BSG, maintaining the original airing order. They also usually run a “the story so far” recap show between seasons or during hiatus. Check out what you’ve been missing on SciFi. The last new episode for awhile airs tonight (check local listings for exact time). New episodes return on January 21, when the show moves to Sundays.

I don’t really watch any television shows that air on Saturday, so come back next week to check out thoughts on my favorite crime drama procedural. It airs on Sundays. Can you guess?

Have a great weekend!

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