Friday, February 27, 2009

Writing Update: February 2009 - WIPs

For those of you out there who are not familiar with the term, WIP stands for Works In Progress. I happen to have a few projects that are in various stages of completion and I'm going to try to make sense of them here (if for no other reason than to get a handle on them myself).

First, what's been delivered to the publisher: Chance for the Future new edit and the new Chance short story, Power to the People.

Hope for Tomorrow (new edit)
The last chapter will get my red pen today at lunch. Next, I need to go into the document and actually make the edits. Another week or two and HFT will be ready to be delivered to my publisher along with the short story, Riot Act.

Zooming Thru Life (tech polish)
Now that I've stepped into the Web 2.0 world of iPhones and mobile connectivity, there are a few places where ZTL can be tweaked to make it a tad more tech-savvy. I'll start this polish with the red pen next week during my lunch hours and will make the fixes to the document by the end of March.

A Stranger On Lake Street (new title)
This is the latest novel I've written, the first in (hopefully) a new series called Worlds Collide. Over the course of several weeks, I read it aloud to Lori before we hit the hay. I think she thought it was a little gory near the end, but heck, it's a war between angels and demons! What do you expect? Anyway, I noticed a few places I could touch up this story when I was reading it to Lori, so I'll tackle a new edit for it once I finish with ZTL. Once the new edit is ready, I'll see if my publisher is interested.

Faith In The Past (new edit)
After I give the new novel another pass, I'll break out the red pen and give the third Fairlight novel another polish before handing it off to my publisher (along with the short story, Saint Nik).

Plunge Into Eden
Planning a trilogy from the outset means, for me anyway, committing to a world and characters for two or three years. The Fairlight novels evolved into a series. Plunge Into Eden is the first in what I've planned as a trilogy (The Earthship Endeavor Chronicles). I've got the basic arc of the trilogy planned and the first novel fully plotted. Anyway, this is the novel I'm writing now. I completed chapter 3 last night and it is progressing nicely. I also need to perfect a logline for at least the first book (if not the entire trilogy) and pitch this series to my publisher as well.

One of the Girls
This book is contracted for a new release through Blademaster but it's a pretty clean manuscript. I might give it one more polish before it runs though. We'll see. I guess it sorta depends on if my publisher asks for it. If so, I may need to re-prioritize. Obviously, books with contracts take priority.

So that's where it all stands. I hope to do another Zooming book as well when time permits (it's mostly about gathering notes) and there's always the Zooming Thru Life blog (). I know it's been a few weeks since I've posted there, but I intend to get back to a regular schedule again. Losing our daughter (in the miscarriage) sorta slowed me down but we're recovering and we're moving forward.

In the future, I'd also like to write sequels to One of the Girls, A Stranger On Lake Street as well as additional Fairlight novels. But more on that another time.

Thanks for reading!