Thursday, December 14, 2006

What I’m Watching: Thursdays

Thursday is a full night for me. Good thing I tape these shows.


Ever since I was a kid, I was always a big Superman fan. I loved the old George Reeves TV show before I could ever imagine what Christopher Reeve and modern special effects (at the time) would do with the part. I even dug the new Bryan Singer movie that came out this year. But Smallville, although it plays fast and loose with the Superman mythos, does a great job of touching on the under-the-surface things that makes Superman tick… Clark Kent. And in recent seasons we’ve been seeing Clark inch closer and closer to the Man of Steel he eventually will be come. And we’re getting to see Lex creep closer to his dark side. Rumor is it’ll go one more (a seventh) season. What else does CW have that’s as big? Even so, I say it’s well-deserved. Even though it’s got that WB vibe, it’s a pretty cool take on Superman. And that’s okay in my book. Lori usually watches it with me, but I think she’s just humoring the geek in me. Check it out on the CW (check local listings for exact time).


The idea for this show was simple enough. Two brothers (Sam and Dean Winchester) drive a classic 1967 Chevy Impalla cross-country searching for their demon-hunting dad and finishing off supernatural beings themselves as they go. It was billed as one very dark and spooky hour of television and it has pretty much lived up to its promise. Along the way the mythology has filled out and the banter between the brothers has become more believable (and just downright funny). They found their dad at the end of last season and he kicked the bucket early on this year. And still, they’re searching. They’ve just switched gears as to what they’re searching for. I don’t think they even know. But, to my surprise, the show is more interesting than ever now that they found what they were looking for. One thing I like about this show, even though it can be extremely dark, is the acceptance of the fact that we live in a world where supernatural powers are at work. Sure, it’s fictionalized here. But it’s nice to have acknowledgement of our spiritual nature. This is one that Lori actually likes (but we never watch it until Melody is down for the count). Check it out on the CW right after Smallville (check local listings for exact time).

Six Degrees

I gave this show a chance for two reasons: 1) Alias and Lost mastermind J.J. Abrams was behind it and 2) I thought my wife would like it since it features multiple romantic story lines (although not all of them are romantic) and takes place in New York. I wasn’t wrong either. It is Lori’s favorite show this season and the writing is good enough that I enjoy it as well. Borrowing from the popular “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” theory, the show revolves around six individuals in New York who cross paths, unknowingly (usually anyway) affecting the others as they go. It’s sorta the “coincidence” aspect of Lost set in New York. Unfortunately, it hasn’t had the staying power I had hoped it would. It went on hiatus in November but ABC is promising to bring it back in January. I suspect if anyone other than Mr. Abrams was behind this show, it would’ve already got the axe. There’s a rumor there might be some retooling but I liked it as it was. It’s a good show so maybe when it returns, it’ll finally get the audience it deserves. Watch it on ABC if you can (check local listings for exact time when it returns – hopefully – in January).

Tomorrow we’ll wind up the week with my Friday pick. By now, you surely know where I’m going.

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