Friday, December 08, 2006

Reflections on The Creative Underground

So it’s been just over two years since I put The Creative Underground (my UCCS internet radio program) on permanent hiatus. Since then, we moved from Colorado to California so there’s little chance of reviving the show through UCCS.

But the subject comes up often enough in conversation with Lori. Wouldn’t it be cool to start it up again out here? Wouldn’t it be cool to do a TV version? Maybe on public access? Or college radio? Or even through podcasting? Naturally, I’d love to do it on commercial radio or TV.

There are a lot of options, but right now I have no open doors (other than maybe opening the podcasting door myself).

So what thinks you, the reader? Should I seek a new broadcasting avenue? Anyone out there know how I can break in? If anyone out there would like samples of The Creative Underground from its Colorado Internet run, let me know.

I’d be delighted to help perpetuate the existence of the show.

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