Friday, December 22, 2006

What I’m Watching:
TV Series Returning Next Year (part four)


Psych is a pretty new show. It sorta plays off of Monk and The Dead Zone. The idea is that there’s this young, irresponsible punk who is reminiscent of Ben Stiller in his Meet The Parents mode. His dad was a no-nonsense police officer so, growing up, the kid’s powers of observation were honed to a level to rival Sherlock Holmes. Of course, the kid is a rebel so he doesn’t wanna be a detective when he grows up. But when he starts solving mysteries from the outside and tries to explain how he knows facts about cases that haven’t even been released, he realizes he has to tell the police something. So he tells them he’s a psychic.

So now he’s a fake psychic who can unearth clues that the police miss. What else can he do but start up a psychic consulting agency? And as if to throw it all in everyone's face, he names the agency Psych. Of course, the kid is too irresponsible to run such a company on his own, so he brings along his straighter-than-straight man friend Gus. It’s part mystery, part comedy, and never to be taken seriously. Only seven episodes aired over the summer but they were pretty funny. Lori and I are looking forward to new episodes returning on January 19. Check it out on USA (check local listings for times).

So as you can see, despite my growing family, I still manage to watch some of my favorite shows and I’ve even got Lori on board for most of them.

Movies? Not so much. At least not until they reach DVD.

But that’s another story. Or three.

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