Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lori: Mommy, Wife and Fan of Delicious Flavor

Well I'm flabbergasted.

It's one thing to write a wonderful article about Melody but I honestly had no idea that Lori was gonna write that article about me.

And the quotes at the end had me seriously cracking up. Which is why I put in my own inside joke in the title of this post (if you watch Psych on USA, you might get the reference).

Whether I'm a worthy Mr. Darcy or not is perhaps up for debate. I do appreciate, however, Lori's willingness to be a good sport. Until she met me, she probably had little exposure to Science Fiction or Fantasy. Now I make her watch it and even read it (especially when I write it). Lori's very supportive of my writing now that we've worked out my writing schedule and she even scours the local papers for opportunities to present my work. Indeed, the appearance at the Second Saturday Art Walk was her idea.

Lori is a gifted singer and piano player, an annointed worshipper, and I've never met anyone with a stronger yearning for the deeper things of God. She's extremely smart, almost to my own detriment sometimes. She's always got an opinion on any given subject, which makes her a great pre-reader of my work. She doesn't just tell me what I want to hear. I can't get away with lazy writing with her around. If there's a question, she's going to ask it and I'd better have a good reason for doing whatever it was I did. She's firey passionate about what she cares about and she has a refined sense of humor. At home, she's a responsible mother who cares as much, if not more, about Melody on the inside than she does about her outward appearance (despite the fact that both mommy and daughter are always stylish). Oh yeah, she's not bad to look at either. She has beautiful blue eyes (that we thought Melody had inherrited but now Melody's are going green) and a winning smile.

Did I mention the dangerous curves? Oh, behave!

Lori's my friend. We have slumber parties when Melody goes to sleep and we both crack up watching Red Eye on Fox News. She spends a lot of the week at home. So when the weekend comes, she's ready to escape. I, on the other hand, pretty much only spend the time I'm sleeping or writing at home. Nevertheless, we love to plan weekend outings, watch movies, go for walks, hit the road with the top down, etc. and she's always up for a trip to Disneyland.

Sometimes, if Lori's gone to sleep before me while I'm still up, I'll watch her sleep for just a little bit. When I think about everything that she's gone through with the church, waiting to get married, the rough pregnancy, moving to Colorado and back, her dad passing away shortly after mine did... I want to protect her. And after all, that's my job. Even though we're a team, in the end I've got two girls to protect.

All I can do is my best.

It's true, as Lori says, I sometimes write poetry. And I have, on more than one ocassion, penned something for Lori.

I Need A Hand
Paul M. Carhart

A lonely life I've led
Spare time to find so hard
At home, an empty bed
At work, a full dance card

My heart, a hollow shell
My mind, a frenzied cur
My soul, it tipped toward hell
Until I fell for her

Now I am a knight
A chivilrous sort of clown
No need for me to fight
I've put my weapons down

My intentions now are pure
My destiny is planned
My fallen state is cured
By the touch of Lori's hand

Thanks for taking care of me. Thanks for clearing the way so I can have a writing schedule. Thanks for raising our little girl. Thanks for loving me and for putting up with me.

- Paul

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