Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall Season: My Returning Favorites

Naturally, there are some shows that I watch coming back this season. And I must say I'm looking forward to picking up where they left off and seeing where they're going to take me this year.


Heroes : Returns Sept. 24, 9 pm, NBC
The coolest new show last year comes back to reveal who all died and who didn't and then to go on from there. Whoo hoo!


Smallville : Returns Sept. 27, 8 pm, CW
If you've given up on Smallville at some point, you should come back. Lex is getting darker, Lana seems to have died, Chloe seems to have died, Lois is a regular and this season. Rumor has it, we get Supergirl and Clark learns to fly.

Without A Trace : Returns Sept. 27, 10 pm, CBS
Perhaps the only procedural that's worth my time, Without A Trace seems to always be able to keep itself fresh, despite the innate formula of the program (person goes missing, team must find them by delving into the missing person's private life). Sometimes these stories are very dark and they affect me far differently than they did before Lori and I had Melody. And yet, we continue to watch. Last season's finale landed on a different night than usual, which caused me to miss it but it's airing again tonight (one week before the premiere) so I'll be all caught up and ready to go next week.

Supernatural : Returns Oct. 4, 9 pm, CW
Speaking of darkness... Supernatural gets one thing right that few others do. We do live in a world where supernatural beings exist. Despite the fictional mythollogy, it's kinda cool to see someone struggling with that instead of the usual teen angst on the CW. Welcome back Sam and Dean.

This year, there doesn't seem to be as many shows returning that I watch. Perhaps that's because two other returning favorites aren't coming back until later. Battlestar Galactica returns with a two hour movie entitled "Razor" in November before finally delivering new episodes in January of 2008. And Lost won't be back until January 2008 either.

- Paul

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