Friday, June 24, 2005

If You Don’t Like The Weather, Wait Ten Minutes

That’s how it has been lately here in Colorado.

When I first moved out here in 1998, in the spring and summer it would rain every day at 3:00 for about an hour. Over the past few years we’ve had a drought but this year we're back to the daily deluge.

Which is kinda cool. I mean, Colorado summers can be notoriously hot and dry. This way, the grass stays green and we get a cool breeze coming in from the mountains for at least a couple hours a day.

Of course, there are also the lightning strikes. A friend of mine just had to replace the Ethernet card in his computer due to a proximate lightening strike. And there's hail too. Last year there were at least two hailstorms that caused body damage to a lot of cars in southern Colorado.

But if it wasn’t lightning and hail it would be something else. There's hurricanes in Florida, tornadoes in the plains states and earthquakes in California. If you want to hide from natural disatsers, there's basically only one place to go: six feet under in the graveyard.

I’m not ready to go there just yet.

So I’m enjoying the variety in the weather, often within the same day.

Sometimes the pleasure is in the surprise.

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