Monday, June 27, 2005

The Best Italian In Town

Colorado Springs isn't the restaurant mecca of the known world. I would argue that pretty much better Mexican, Indian and even hamburgers can be found where I grew up in Long Beach, California. It's safe to say that Lori would agree.

But I took Lori out to Carrabba's on Saturday night.

We both agree that it's probably the best Italian food we've ever had.

It's also got a great environment. We've eaten at two different locations, so this isn't only true of Saturday night's experience. The service is top notch and the waiter was even a good sport about Melody being the handful that she sometimes is.

Of course, being Saturday night, we had to wait about forty minutes. But it was well worth it. The hostess even offered us drinks in the waiting area and Melody played with this table of wires with little painted wood shapes that could travel along the wires. Who knows what the heck that thing is called, but they're commonly found in doctor's offices and Melody loved it.

When we were seated, we were provided with some very good bread along with some spices that were mixed on a plate with olive oil. The house salad is splendid as well.

Lori had Scampi Damian for her main course while I had my usual Chicken Parmesan. Instead of the Fettuccini Alfredo on the side though, I opted for garlic-mashed potatoes (which is a departure for me). Of course, it was all indeed the embodiment of perfection.

We were stuffed but we couldn't leave without dessert. We ordered the Sogno di Cioccolata "Chocolate Dream" to go and had it at home later that night.

Some might consider Carrabba's a little pricey but if you can afford it, I whole-heartedly recommend a night in their capable hands.

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Anonymous said...

Carrabba's is the best! I first discovered them in the south, (mostly in the Carolinas and Floirda) but have since found one in Henderson, NV, which is closer to home for me. Glad to discover they are in Colorado as well. The owners are Sicilian Texans! What a fabulous mix!