Thursday, March 28, 2019

2019 Projects Spring Update

Here we are a third of the way into 2019 and I thought I should provide some sort of an update, since I've disappeared. To be honest, I found myself COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED and had to take some time off just to rest. I've got a lot of projects I WANT to do and some of them have had to shift in and out of my periphery based on timing and what is feasible. But it's still ALOT, especially since I work a day job in advertising and am raising my teenage daughter on my own. 

So I've had to re-organize my time and focus on completing some projects to make room for the other ones. Based on the list from my last post, I'm gonna go through all of my projects. Please feel free to let me know which ones you're most excited about because if I get comments on one over another, that may influence how I organize my time in the future. Thanks. 


New Third World Sun material
All of the new songs have been mastered. However, do to some health issues with our drummer, Biff Wellington, the band is currently not playing any live shows. Local Music Experience, has been playing the first single, Find Me. The B-side is Little Miss Sunshine. The album will drop digitally in mid-April with a physical CD following later. For more up-to-date info, please visit the Third World Sun blog frequently:
A Stranger At The Gallows (Worlds Collide #2)
My editors have provided their notes and I've incorporated them. One more editorial pass from me to go. Also, keep your eyes peeled for cover art coming soon. I expect it to be available in print and digital formats in summer, 2019.
The website was redesigned this year. From here, you can visit Third World Sun's pages, Peeve, The Creative Underground and get information on all of my books. You can also get more personal info on me including the backstory on my career and places I've traveled to. Enjoy.

Something new. Something Nasti
Tons of ideas for this secret project. Hoping to brainstorm with my partner in the coming weeks and jump-starting this opportunity. Can't say more or I'd have to kill you. Suffice it to say that it will be fun and hopefully somewhat popular and therefore lucrative.
New Elvin's Pet Peeve comic strips and Classic Peeve comic strips
The first new Elvin's Pet Peeve comic strip (a two-parter) was posted at on 7/18/18 (part one) and 7/21/18 (part two). There WILL be more to come (I've already storyboarded at least 10) but not until some of the projects above fall off my plate. Scanning of the original 1991/1992 strips also continue.
Elvin's Pet Peeve T-shirts/Merch
"Peeve's Back" shirts and "Sir Loin Emotions" shirts are still available. Got another one in mind (Long Beach themed because I'd like to get Peeve items into Made by Millworks on Pine Ave.). For now, Peeve merch is only available online: Elvin's Pet Peeve online store.

The Next Novel  
I've decided to write Faith Restored, the fourth novel in the Fairlight series, next. That said, I've also got some percolating ideas to follow up Planetfall with and am doing some reading an research on that front. Either there will be a new Planetfall trilogy. Or there will be TWO new Planetfall trilogies. Whatever the case, I recommend that you get your copy of Planetfall and read up in preparation. Neither will come, however until after Faith Restored is finished. And even that won't get started with any steam until A Stranger At The Gallows is published.
Re-Launching The Creative Underground YouTube channel
I WANT to keep this going, but I just haven't had the time. Once the Third World Sun album is out and A Stranger At The Gallows drops, I can move some other projects into the Active lane. Hoping to do a new video on the cover art for A Stranger At The Gallows. Part of the challenge is to have things that are visually appealing to do videos on. No one wants to watch me with headphones on mixing the latest TWS song or typing into MS Word the next chapter in the latest novel I'm writing. BORING. So as some of these projects drop away, there will be more interesting things to film. And when that happens, my plan is to capture it and to do videos on it. That's when you'll see an increase in video posts at The Creative Underground channel. In the meantime, catch up on old videos, subscribe, like, and hit the notifications bell. Share with your friends to increase my subscriptions. The more people I KNOW are watching, the more important this channel will become in my workload. Check it out! Thanks.
 Music outside of the band
With Third World Sun currently on hiatus from playing live shows and writing/recording, my thoughts have turned to some music I might do outside of the band. Still toying with it but it's percolating.
Peeve Comic Books
I originally drew a handful of Peeve comic book stories back in 1991 and 1992. I'd like to get those published for your reading pleasure and do new stories as well. In fact, I've recently come up with a few new characters that would be best introduced in a longer story. However, I'm focusing on the comic strips first. Once the 1991 and 1992 comic strips have been scanned, I can scan these and colorize them for publication. So, once the comic strips are scanned, this will move into that slot.
Melody Midnight children's books
I've written three and a half of these. They're written in an every-two-lines rhymes meter that reminds me of Dr. Seuss. My plan is to illustrate these myself. I have already done some character designs. So the next step is to break apart the text into pages and start storyboarding the book. It's a big step and not something I've had time to tackle. Once some of these other projects go through the pipeline, this one is very close to my heart so I want to get to it but I don't want to start it until I can dedicate the time to it that it will require.
The key to completing projects is being able to focus. By re-organizing my time and breaking these projects apart into these categories, I've improved my ability to focus on projects that are closer to completion so I can move them off of my plate and then move on to a smaller number of projects. I'm sure these things will shift around more as I work on them, but it is NOT my goal to abandon any of them.

So, what are YOU working on?