Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What I'm Reading

Well, it took awhile, but I completed the Dark Nest trilogy of Star Wars novels (my guilty pleasure) and they were actually pretty good.

Now I'm knee-deep in The Last Days of Krypton by Kevin J. Anderson.

I met Mr. Anderson at a Pikes Peak Writer's Conference when I lived in Colorado (we were both on faculty) and actually had the good fortune of having lunch with him and his wife (Rebecca Moesta) in the main hall. In general, I like his work. I first encountered his writing through my guilty pleasure (Star Wars novels) but have since read some of his other work. In particular, I enjoyed his Captain Nemo novel, which he signed for me at the aforementioned conference. His writing style is very direct. Not simple, really, but it gets right to the point and does not draw attention to itself, instead allowing the story to quickly unfold. He also writes a lot of short chapters, which I prefer over a few very long chapters.

So far, this particular book is intriguing. It chronicles the last days of the planet that Superman is from. My understanding is that Mr. Anderson took many different threads from comics, films, etc. and has weaved them together into one coherent whole. It's fun to visit this world that Superman fans really have mostly only heard about.

I'm also looking forward to Mr. Anderson's new Superman/Batman novel.