Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photoshop Class Update

So the first class on Photoshop that I'm teaching at The Designory is tomorrow. It's just a basics class. Really, I'll probably only answer this question: "What the heck is Photoshop?" I only have an hour, after all. I'm going to try to make it humorous. Most of the people coming are non-creatives who are just curious about what the program can do (although there are a couple of ADs and even a Sr. Creative Director attending).

Of course, the program can't do anything without a talented individual operating it. Leave it on the computer overnight and it won't do anything someone hasn't told it to do (read: Actions).

There will be two more classes that I'm teaching. The next one (currently set for Dec. 2) will be a demonstration class about how the Interactive team uses Photoshop in-house. And the last (not-yet-scheduled) will be more of an expert-level Tips & Tricks Forum where Art Directors, ACDs and Creative Directors can share the different things they've learned.

I asked Lori to pick up some AAA batteries for my laser pointer today. I hope she can get around to it.