Thursday, December 08, 2005

10 Months of Melody

Oh yeah, we put up selected pictures from the last ten months of Melody's life this past weekend.

Check out how adorable our little daughter is!

Even when things aren't so great, they're pretty good.

He Works Hard For The Money

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog. That’s because not much has changed over the past two months. I continue to look for fulltime work and we continue to stay with Lori’s parents. It’s not an ideal situation but it is what it is and there’s little I can do about it until I find fulltime permanent employment as an Art Director, Web Designer or Senior Graphic Designer.

There have been some nibbles though. I’ve interviewed a few times and I even thought I had one or two positions sewn up… and I’m waiting to hear back from at least one more. I’m praying for that to come through. But pickins are lean. I don’t know if it’s the holidays or if potential employers don’t know what to make of me (since I’m equal parts print designer and equal parts web designer).

In the meantime, I’ve signed up with an agency called Creative Focus. They send me out on occasional onsite freelance jobs. I’ve worked a few assignments for them over the course of the past two months, most notably the work I’m doing at The Designory in Downtown Long Beach. Today I got my own parking card and I’m now listed in the employee directory as Freelance Computer Production Artist.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

But I’m not above production work. I almost always end up doing most of my own production anyway so it’s no big deal. And it does bring home the bacon. At least some of the bacon. It’s not permanent though. This time out, it’s for a two week stint in their interactive department.

So, in my spare time, I continue to look for fulltime permanent employment. Which means, my future employer is presumably looking for me.

I sure wish he or she would hurry up.