Friday, July 08, 2005

A Busy Weekend Looms

But it's still the weekend and I intend to enjoy every blessed minute of it.

First up is the last run of the week (along with 200 situps and 30 arm curls with the old 40 pound weight). I gotta get three miles done tonight before I can move on into the worry-free portion of the weekend. It'll also make Lori proud and start the weekend off on the right note.

But there’s still lots to do. Lori and I are leading worship again on Sunday so we've got to get the music together tonight and get it out to the others. I was also hoping to make a some progress on my novel tonight... but we'll see.

Tomorrow, we're playing with some friends on the stage at Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs between 11 and noon. Feel free to stop by and say "hi." I'll be playing bass and Lori will be singing background vocals (the band also consists of a keyboardist, acoustic guitarist, lead guitarist, drummer and lead singer).

On Sunday, right after we lead worship, we're heading over to Sunnyside Christian Church to attend the wedding of my friend Chris and his wife Dema.

What? She's already his wife? Then why're they getting married?

Because they got married in Hong Kong and now they're doing it again for us state-siders, including his parents.

So that makes for a pretty jammed up weekend. But we'll enjoy the time together anyway. After all, I've got Lori. She's got me. And we've both got Melody Hannah. What else is more important?

Of course, there's still no time to use those Renaaisance Festival tickets.

Perhaps next time.

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