Friday, December 07, 2018

2018 Recap

At the beginning of this year, I ran through a laundry list of things I was hoping to accomplish this year. Besides more frequent blog posts (which I clearly haven't done), let's take a look at how well I've done this year... 

Producing new Third World Sun material
The mixes are done. Mastering starts this week and at least one new song will hit Internet radio station, LME (Local Music Experience, before 2018 ends.
Elvin's Pet Peeve T-shirts
New Elvin's Pet Peeve comic strips
The first new Elvin's Pet Peeve comic strip (a two-parter) was posted at on 7/18 (part one) and 7/21 (part two). More to come. Also, have been posting the original 1991 strips throughout the year.
The website was redesigned this year. Enjoy.
Re-Launching The Creative Underground YouTube channel
Although it's been many weeks since I've put up a new video since I was making edits to A Stranger At The Gallows, I DID re-launch this in 2018 and will likely post another video this weekend (about that book). The new links to the channel from the top banner. So make sure you go check it out, subscribe and hit the notification bell. Thanks in advance!
A Stranger At The Gallows (Worlds Collide #2)
My editorial pass is now done. One of my test readers has completed reading it and I've made many fixes to the manuscript based on her feedback. Should go to my editor this weekend. And then it'll get one more pass from me. I expect it to be available in print and digital formats in early 2019.
Returning to the studio with the rest of Third World Sun
We did record the two additional songs. The eventual CD will likely be eleven songs long. But we plan to release one or two songs digitally prior to releasing a physical CD in mid-2019.
Family time
This was Melody's first year of high school and I've been making sure I'm available to be present for Marching Band, Orchestra and homework-helping duties. We also hosted Thanksgiving this year, first time we've hosted a holiday since Lori passed away.
The Last Jedi
I don't hate this film as much as many do. But I think it's not a great Star Wars film and I hope the third film in the trilogy fixes some of the decisions made in this one. I did, however, dig Solo.
Music outside of the band
I've gathered many songs that I might do outside of the band. Toyed with the idea of doing some of them with a friend of mine but it seems that I don't really have time at this point to do this, stay involved with Melody's school-life AND remain in Third World Sun. So this may have to wait. Or it may have to take a different form.
Something new. Something Nasti
Much discussion here. But it's still a secret. And no REAL movement, other than tons of notes of tons of ideas.
New Year's Eve tradition
Yes. We played this. In fact, Third World Sun will again be playing, for the FIFTH consecutive year, New Year's Eve (12/31/2018) at Angel City in Bellflower, CA.
The band is also playing two sets at Rebel Bite in downtown Long Beach on 12/15/18 starting at 7pm.
Classic Peeve
I began this and the task continues. So far, the first 10 Elvin's Pet Peeve comic strips from 1991 have been posted. I plan to scan and post more of them over my holiday break. Available at (click the picture of Peeve in the top, right corner).
Peeve Nerdiness
No movement on the Peeve comic book stories. Focusing on the comic strips first.
What to write next?
Still haven't decided. A Stranger At The Gallows will be done in a few weeks and will be published in early 2019. I've got many options. Psychick 2? Fairlight 4? Planetfall vol 2? Start the Melody Midnight children's books? Ideas are percolating. What do you guys think?

All in all, I don't think I've done too bad this year. I need to make more frequent blog posts, post the Classic Peeve comic strips more frequently, do NEW Peeve comic strips more frequently and make Creative Underground channel video posts more frequently. Oh. And I need to start writing the next book... Ok. Onward and upward! 

What are YOU working on?

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