Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exciting News!
There's a Future for "Chance for the Future"

I have very exciting news to share today concerning my writing career.

This week, I signed a three-book deal with Blademaster Press, a small press out of Las Vegas, Nevada, to publish the first three Fairlight novels. The publisher is very committed to the books and has high hopes for their success.

Granted, an earlier version of each of these novels have been published in the POD trade paperback format in the past and therefore have been theoretically available online at (what I think are) bloated prices (and these POD editions will shortly be discontinued to make way for the Blademaster editions). But, even though Blademaster is a small press and the advance is modest, it marks the first time my work has been published in a non-self-publishing model. And this is THE distinction. I am no longer merely self-published. The Blademaster editions of my Fairlight novels makes me a published author.

Although the schedule has not been completely worked out and assuming all goes as planned, I'm told that the hard cover edition of "Chance for the Future" should release sometime in the summer of 2008. A mass-market paperback edition will follow sometime in the fall of the same year. Both editions should contain a new Chance short story (I'm working on it even now so it's REALLY new) so even if you have a copy of CFTF, you'll want to pick up a new one for that reason alone. But wait! There's more! The new edition of CFTF is also a brand new edit. CFTF was the first novel I published and I've grown a lot as a writer since I wrote it. Indeed, there were passages that made me cringe when I glanced back through it. Therefore, I've given the entire novel a polish and it's much better off for it. I'm very pleased with the new edit!

Summer of 2009 should bring the hard cover edition of "Hope for Tomorrow" with a mass-market paperback edition following in the fall of the same year. I'm told "Faith in the Past" will mirror the same schedule for hard cover and mass-market paperback in 2010. Both sequels will get a new polish as well, but they won't be as extensive as what I did for CFTF. Also, both sequels will probably also get a short story to distinguish the new editions.

So it's exciting to be me this week! I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to revisit these novels in the larger marketplace. Lori was also very excited at this news and we're already thinking of ways to proactively promote and market the novels when they release. So expect future event news as well. Very exciting times, indeed.

And did I mention we're buying a house? See previous post...


Rick Bentsen said...

We at Blademaster Press are extremely excited to have Paul Carhart as one of our signed authors. We have long felt that Paul's writing was top notch calibre with excellent characters. We are honored that he would agree to sign on to our press as one of our premiere authors. We look forward to a long and happy working relationship with Paul. And we hope that his readers will enjoy the new versions of his books.

Paul M. Carhart said...

Well, shucks!

: D